About Membership

The five hundred or so members of the Choice and Dignity community share a belief that how life ends truly matters. We believe that every individual deserves a death as free of pain and suffering as possible. We also believe that every individual should have control over the care they are given at the end of life, including the right to end medical treatments when they no longer add to the quality of life. Choice and Dignity helps our members to have that control and tries to advocate for those rights. 

While you need not be a member of Choice and Dignity to attend most of our classes, programs, and events or to be on our email or phone trees, we hope that you will join. Donating annually or becoming a lifetime member includes a few benefits including our quarterly newsletter and entry into our “Life Completion Class." More importantly, membership in Choice and Dignity helps to further our work and to keep the community of those who share our beliefs growing. 

Please click on Join Now and become part of our community. Or call 520-235-5646 for more information and to be added to our email list or phone tree. And, please, tell others about Choice and Dignity.