About Us

Choice and Dignity, Inc. has evolved from several previous incarnations: The Hemlock Society (1980 – 2003), End of Life Choices Arizona in the 1980s, and Arizona Affiliate of Final Exit Network (2012-2019). Choice and Dignity is the new iteration of these important organizations. More information about the transition is under “Related Articles Online” aRegrouping in Arizona Choice and Dignity continues to offer the same programs, and more, that we have been offering for seven years. 

Choice and Dignity is a member of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies.

We are an all volunteer nonprofit organization, and welcome your input and involvement!

Our Board of Directors

John Abraham, President
Tracy Corbin, Vice President
Mary Beth Ginter
Randi Pantera
J'Fleur Lohman
Margaret Molloy
Susan Kay Warren 

Our Advisory Board

Dr. Richard MacDonald

Derek Humphry

Phineas Anderson

Attorney Elizabeth (Beth) Smith

Colleen Whitaker

Sylvia Brandfon