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Our Tax ID number: EIN- 84-4667788

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Volunteer Opportunities

Our devoted Choice and Dignity, Inc. Board of Directors is seeking help with several endeavors. Please call 520-235-5646 if you might be willing to help or know someone who will. My email and phone are below.

1)    We need Advocates! If you have attended our Advocacy Training at least once and are willing to volunteer to serve as someone’s Health Care Agent, with Power of Attorney for Health Care, please let us know. This means that if someone can no longer speak for themselves, you would have the power to direct what treatments, tests, procedures, etc. they get or do not get.

2)     One of our team members is willing to work with others to do press releases. Anyone willing to join him? This is free publicity.

3)    We are thinking of having a discussion group for those who have had the experience of having someone they know deliberately end their life. This would be only for people very familiar with our organization and who have already come to several of our programs. Might this be you?

4)   Another possible discussion group would be a “Philosophy discussion group” wherein we would philosophize about matters of life and death. More involved than our Small Group Social Gatherings, not for newcomers buy only those already involved with us. We would discuss how we feel about exiting, preparing for an exit, how we feel about those who have ended their lives, and more. Might you be interested in this?

5)    We need someone who knows well what we’re about to make phone calls to: mobile home parks, seniors’ communities, Unitarian and other churches (Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran), civic groups like Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis clubs, Democratic clubs, League of Women Voters, The American Association of University Women, neighborhood associations, etc. – anywhere we can get our foot in the door to let people know about Choice and Dignity, Inc.. The purpose would be to ask if they might be interested in having a speaker to tell them who we are and what we do (or about how to make advance directives work for them). I can send you more information about his if you might pursue it.

6)    Manage our PayPal services.

7)    We have been trying for years to let Academy Village residents know about us. This is a retirement community on the E. side of town for former University personnel. The request for us to speak there must come from a resident. Do you know anyone there? They say: Guest Speaker: Once or twice a week we hear from a guest speaker who may be a member of the UA faculty or a Tucson topic expert. These lectures are usually public events with priority seating for ASA members. Topics range across the whole spectrum of interests expressed by members of the Academy, from science and math to arts and humanities, to local history and anthropology.

8)   The United Way of Tucson and the Green Valley/Sahuarita Volunteer Clearinghouse post opportunities for volunteers on their web sites. Anyone willing to enter some of our possibilities there?

9)   Are you willing to serve on our Board of Directors?

10)   We need someone to write applications for grants.

11) Serve on our Board of Directors or a committee.

12) Help us to post to online sources such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and other social media.

13) Audio-visual people - to setup/run the laptops and microphones at our meetings.

14) Videographers - to capture and edit video.

15) Writers – Are you good at expressing yourself?   Offer to summarize articles for our newsletter and/or website.

16) Techies: manage our website and Zoom meetings. Help us navigate other websites. 

17) Host venues: do you have a clubhouse or community center suitable for meetings?

18) Volunteer coordinator.

Do you have a skill not listed here? Let us know!