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Comments on first newsletter

August 8, 2020

Great newsletter!   Looks good...and the stories are excellent.  

Do you have any idea when the next issue will come out?    I have a business card ad for you...would like to reserve space now.      

Thanks.  Mary Ellen. Tucson

August 7, 2020


A good newsletter. Succinct yet meaty. And you got advertising, too.

Derek Humphry

August 7, 2020

I was very impressed with this first newsletter. Thanks to all who put it together.  It is inspiring me to put a piece together about questions to ask oneself in preparing to do a living will and directives.  When does it have to be ready?  J'Fleur, Tucson

August 6, 2020


I LOVE the new newsletter--KUDOS to the newsletter team--it looks great and even has ads in it!! GOOOOOD WORK!!!!  Randi, Tucson

August 6,2020

Kudos to all involved in our topnotch premiere C&D newsletter and in our continually bigger-and-better website.

Thanks for injecting some levity into an otherwise serious newsletter; it's the perfect balance to make it even more "readable."

I'm very grateful that so many talented Arizonans have stepped up to the plate to make these things happen as part of our new independent organization, along with everything else involved in making our new-and-improved group a reality.

Thanks also for the recent mailing and the C&D business card which I carry with me should the subject of death with dignity come up with an acquaintance.

Since we members receive an extra mailed newsletter copy, I urge everyone reading this to bring yours to your local library branch for posting on their educational/nonprofits information wall that is accessible to all library visitors.

Keep up the outstanding work!

With much appreciation, Renée, Green Valley

August 6, 2020

Hi John,

Received via snail mail.  Well done!  John, Green Valley