Let Me Die Like a Dog! Why Engage With Us?

We often exclaim, “Let me die like a dog!” When our pets age, when they can no longer play, are no longer ready to take a walk or pounce on a toy, when the quality of their life has slipped away, more often than not we allow them to make their exit without pain, without suffering endless veterinary intrusions. It is enough to pat them, kiss them, and perhaps hasten an end. Sadly, we are seldom that kind to ourselves or our fellow humans.

Choice and Dignity exists to help us, all of us, to have control over the end of our lives. To make our exiting as comfortable as possible and to give each individual control over the manner of their end.

Formulating our health care directives and instructing our proxies not only in our wishes but in how to insist that those wishes are followed are two of the most important tasks addressed by C&D’s programs (view our Programs and Events)

C&D is dedicated to the principle that each person should have control over the end of their life. This means understanding what the options are, figuring out which are best for them as individuals, and setting their affairs in order so that the choices made are respected.

Thankfully, the grade is up to us.