Our Mascot

She died peacefully, while hugging her favorite stuffed animal: her teddy bear.

In May of 2020 a C&D member drove to the home of Susan to witness the death of a beautiful woman, age 50. They had conversed for several months, wherein she told the member about her very serious, long-term clinical depression, her failing financial situation, and more difficulties. The member had repeatedly urged her not to end her life, but she was determined.

Having put all of her affairs in order, including leaving a note stating why she died, she proceeded to use the inert gas method. Susan then died quickly and peacefully, on the couch in her home, holding the member’s hand and her favorite plush teddy bear.

        As the member discussed this with our Choice and Dignity board members, we concluded that perhaps we could provide a plush animal for others to hold as a source of solace and comfort. After much deliberation, we settled on a teddy bear with a message of compassion: “Peaceful Farewell.” Hence, "Comfort" was born. 




My name is Comfort. I’m the mascot of Choice and Dignity, an organization that offers comfort in dealing with issues of aging and declining health. My job at Choice and Dignity includes sending bears like me to homes where people who are facing illness and loss can hug them and share their worries and pains with them. My fellow bears are eager to be on their way to friends of Choice and Dignity, but we need you to contact our humans at PO Box 86886, Tucson, AZ 85754 or by calling 520-235-5646.

Comfort Bears are free to those who need their love and consolation.

Just one special note: if you do wish a bear to be shipped, please remember to take it out of the box right away and to give it a special hug. You know, we C&D bears are very sensitive.

With love to all Earth’s creatures,