Participant Feedback

Here is what previous attendees have said about our training and events.
Small Group Social Gatherings
  • “Loved the food, company, shared opinions.”
  • “The small group sharing, and hearing what others experienced gave me peace of mind. I realized I was not alone.”
  • “Refreshments were perfect, relaxed atmosphere for intimate sharing.”

Advocacy Training

  • “Couldn’t be better. This advocacy class was time and money well spent.  John is compassionate and experienced in end-of-life issues.  I look forward to learning more from his book.”
  • “My ignorance on this subject amazed me. It is crucial information.”
  • “A very good class. I’d like to bring all of my friends and both of my kids.”
Our Inaugural Public Meeting on March 4, 2020
  •  We had "standing room only"! Really!
  • "Fantastic!"
  • "Just terrific!!" -- Maggie 
  • "Spoke with a friend who was there (Sue). She said you were fantastic, John, and the turnout was great. Wonderful!!!! Mary B.
  • "Congrats John.  The Feb 16th front-page article was undoubtedly also a huge boost to publicize C&D.   Your comments and your mission brought them in!  Seeing you in person sealed the deal.  You should be proud of the lifetime memberships; that speaks volumes. - Mary G.

Advance Directives Training

  • “Valuable information, well presented –very good.  Superlatives cannot suffice.”
  • “The handouts will be invaluable.  I also loved the death humor.”
  • “The specifics of how to write my directives, how to be explicit to have my wishes honored, and getting a legal perspective all were so valuable to me.”
Life Completion Class
  • “Very clear. I feel comfortable with my final exit plans.”
  • “This demonstration was especially helpful. I appreciate the hospitality, overview, explanation, and the conversation.”